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Chickens & Eggs are the new Pounds & Pennies

Chickens and eggs are the new pounds and pennies! Running a small B&B and holiday let, our gaggle of girls are always a valuable commodity – their fresh breakfast eggs are unbeatable and they also make the lightest and fluffiest of cakes to welcome our guests to Wainhill. In these curious times, the hens currency has gone up tenfold! Woe betide anyone who does not check under their car before setting off for the weekly procurement of meat and veg and there are now strict penalties being meted out for those who do not thoroughly search the orchard before locking them up at night… Our grandly named “Long Border” which in essence is a 60 x 3 metre strip down the back drive has in the past, been used to grow enormous Harry Potter’esk pumpkins and gourdes. Fragrant herbs and fresh salads as a PYO for our holiday let [...]

June 4th, 2020|